Regions Hospital

Regions Hospital opens an expanded Emergency Center on July 15, 2009. The facility currently is comprised of 50,000 square feet of clinical space with 55 treatment rooms. An additional 8,000 square feet houses a newly updated resident room, library, conference space and administrative offices. There are two conference rooms used for educational conferences and meetings. 

Residents also spend time at other Twin Cities' hospitals for a well rounded experience

Regions Hospital2
Regions Hospital

Emergency Department Statistics:

   Approximately 79,400 patient visits per year

   9.5% of patients are age 16 or under

   9.5% behavioral health patients

   Approximately 3550 trauma admissions and more than
   730 trauma team activations each year

   24% admission rate

   55% of all hospital admissions come from the ED




  • Full-time faculty supervision 24 hours per day; triple coverage by faculty 16 hours a day

  • Three Emergency Medicine residents are assigned to the Emergency Department 24 hours a day

  • PGY-1 and 2 residents from Medicine, Med/Peds, and OB rotate to the ED each month

  • Physician Assistants present during most shifts

  • Nursing staff includes RNs, emergency room technicians, paramedics and clerks



Resident Facilities:


Residents have access to a great deal of resources on the Regions campus.

Library: The residents have a large office space for personal work and socializing during down-time.  Also, there is a library within the departmental offices, equipped with journals, audio and video media, TV, VCR, DVD Player, and computers.  Access is available 24/7.

Hospital Library: The Regions Hospital Medical Library is available for an extensive journal selection, more computer access, study space, and research librarians with inter-library loan access.  Access to this facility is also 24/7.  The Bio-Medical Library (Diehl Hall) on the University of Minnesota campus is also available to residents. We have daily inter-library loan service with the Bio-Medical Library.

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